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Using the OECD standards and best practices in Urban and Housing Policy

Date and time: 12 April 2018, 17:00 - 18:30

Location: National Research University “Higher School of Economics”, Myasnitskaya str. 9/11, office 430

The session is hold in common with the JSC "DOM.RF"


The urban and housing policy influences much the economic growth presenting the biggest branch of the economy and accumulating real assets in form of buildings and infrastructure. Nowadays the most part of the world population lives in cities, and this part provide the main share of the GDP in developed countries. Being a partner-country of the OECD Russia has a level of urbanization comparable with the most developed OECD countries. The Russian Government has authorized the analysis of the possible using the OECD standards and best practices while implementing state programs and priority projects of strategic development of Russia, including urban and housing policies.

OECD pays much attention to the urban policy considering it as a key factor influencing the economic growth. Russia takes part in several OECD projects:

- “Economic Survey of the Russian Federation” which includes the issues of regional, urban and housing policies

- “National Urban Policy in Russia”

- International Project “Housing Affordability in Cities” – international review 

The OECD recommendations are of great interest for Russia taking into account the current national projects and initiatives in urban and housing policies. In 2017 the state program “Providing affordable and comfortable housing and communal services to citizens of the Russian Federation” was launched. Within the framework of the project management approach a number other national projects in urban field started: “Mortgage and Rental Housing”, “Improving the Quality of Housing and Communal Services”, “Shaping Comfortable Urban Environment”, “Integrated Development of Single Industry Cities” etc. These projects aim the same objectives as the OECD urban and housing policies.

Russia has already taken into account many international standards concerning urban development and housing policy: the requirements for the quality of the new built houses are increasing, the housing and construction markets are being consistently digitalized, a number of initiatives are being implemented to improve the quality of city environment. Much has been done in the field, but still much work to be done. The aim of this session is to discuss results and prospective of possible use of the OECD and the UN-Habitat standards. 

Main issues for discussion:

·       “Green” urban infrastructure and sustainable development principles in urban and housing policies

·       Providing housing affordability according to international standards

·       Evaluation of the quality of comfortable urban environment

·       Digitalization of mortgage and construction market

·       Decentralization of governance and development of public-private partnership in housing and urban policy 


Tatyana Meshkova, Deputy First Vice-Rector, Director of the OECD-HSE Partnership Centre, Higher School of Economics
Irina Ilina, Director, Institute of Regional Studies and Urban Planning, Higher School of Economics

Kick-off Presentation:

Tadashi Matsumoto, Senior Policy Analyst, Regional Development Policy Division, OECD


Oksana Garmash, Director of the Genplan Institute of Moscow

Mikhail Goldberg, Head of the Analytical Center, JSC "DOM.RF"

Kristina Ishkhanova, Deputy CEO, Foundation of the Unified Development Institute in the Housing Sphere, JSC "DOM.RF"
Nurzhan Kajiakbarov, Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the Russian Federation

Evgeny Kutsenko, Head of Cluster Policy Unit, Centre for Industrial Policy, Institute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge, Higher School of Economics

Dmitry Narinsky, Professor of Vysokovsky Graduate School of Urbanism, Higher School of Economics

Andrey Nikiforov, Deputy Director of the Department of Territorial Development Planning, Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
Natalia Stapran, Director of the Department for Multilateral Economic Cooperation and Special Projects, Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development of the Russian Federation

Andrey Terentyev, Chief Research Fellow of the Institute of Natural Resource Economics and Environmental Policy, Higher School of Economics

Tatyana Khabarova, Head of UN-Habitat (United Nations Human Settlements Program) in Russia 

Nadezhda Khort, Laboratory Head of the Laboratory for Experimental Urban Design, HSE

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Elena Sabelnikova (esabelnikova@hse.ru).

Conference working languages: English and Russian with simultaneous translation.



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